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Great – you’re ready to start navigating Wine Tasting Uncorked to get ideas for your next wine tasting party!  Here’s how we’ve organized our site.

We start tastings with a “theme” in mind (such as “Oregon Pinot Noirs” or “Introduction to Italian Red Wine”).  Then we design a complete wine tasting party around wines that fit that theme and that fall into a certain price range.  We have put a lot of time and thought into making these tastings educational as well as fun.

Our “Discovery Tastings” are perfect wine tastings for anyone looking to plan a great event based on affordable wines in the $10-$15/bottle range.  We try very hard to select wines of excellent quality, so that you’re getting delicious wines that offer good value.  These are great wine tasting events designed to introduce you and your guests to the wonderful variety of wines out there.

Our “Explorer Tastings” are designed to explore some of the world’s most exciting wine regions & varietals, with fantastic wines that sell for $15-$50/bottle.  We designed these tastings for everyone who knows they like wine and is excited to begin learning more.  We focus on really well-known and well-loved producers and regions and think these tastings will introduce you and your guests to some new favorite wines for your collection!

Our “Sommelier Tastings” are for wine lovers who want to learn all they can about the world of fine wine and are excited to try some of the best wines in the world.  These tastings explore wines that are more expensive – $50/bottle and up – but hopefully you’ll find they’re worth it!  Our Sommelier Tastings are a great way to prepare for a wine country vacation, to learn how to navigate restaurant wine lists, and to discover special occasion wines you’ll enjoy for the rest of your life!

You can also search tastings by region (e.g. Italian Wines), type of grape (e.g. White Wines), or type of event (e.g. Blind Tastings).  These will bring up tastings of wines at all price points – Discovery, Explorer and Sommelier Tastings – that fit the description.

Just click any of the links on the menu sidebar at right to get started!

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